For the last long while, the Pokemon anime series has been on Cartoon Network, but then Disney bought the rights to air all past seasons and movies and the new series based on the Sun and Moon games that came out last year. Now, we know that Pokemon Sun&Moon will be officially airing in May on Disney XD.

Sound familiar? It should because originally it was supposed to debut in January and Disney even showed the first two episodes of the new anime in December (they were pretty good all things considered.) Why it was pushed back this far is a bit of a mystery, but May 12th will be the true arrival of the series.

Aside from being set in the Alola region, the art style is being changed a bit, especially with Ash and Pikachu. Also, how Ash gets to the Alola region and why he stays is a bit different than previous journies, but anyone who’s played Sun and Moon knows just how different those games are, so it’ll make sense.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime

For many, including myself, the Pokemon Sun&Moon anime has a lot to live up to. Pokemon XYZ was in my opinion the best the anime series has been in a very long time. And while the first two episodes that I’ve seen are intriguing, it’s going to be interesting to see how things progress.

The first two episodes will reair on May 12th at 9PM, with the third episode coming the next day at 9AM. So get your gear ready Pokemon trainers, Pokemon Sun&Moon is almost here!