Overwatch’s Insurrection Event Leaked Ahead Of Reveal

What was supposed to be tomorrow’s reveal for Blizzard’s Overwatch, was leaked via a trailer on the PlayStation France Youtube channel. The trailer has of course been pulled from Youtube, but can see it via a mirror, below. 


In this trailer, we were given a look into the new event, which reminds me of a similar horde-styled mode, Mann vs Machine, that Valve introduced for Team Fortress 2. The name of the event is being called ‘Overwatch Insurrection‘ and what’s so interesting is that we’re being introduced to Overwatch being disbanded.  This also just happens to be the very same event that takes place during the recent Blizzard comic, Uprising (read that here).

But what good is an Overwatch event without plenty of goodies? Well, no need to worry as the trailer also shows off several new skins for McCree, Genji, Widowmaker, Torbjorn, Mercy, Bastion and a menacing-looking variant for Orisa. There will be several unlockable items in the form of emotes, poses, skins and sprays as well. I hope you’ve been saving your coins.

I enjoyed Valve’s offering with Team Fortress 2, so I’m hoping that what Blizzard releases tomorrow is just as fun. And is it me or is Genji is trying his best to impersonate another equally famous ninja: Jago from Killer Instinct?


For more information and updates on Overwatch, head over to the official Overwatch website.