Vikings – Wolves of Midgard Will Release Next Month

The next big viking themed RPG, Vikings – Wolves of Midgard, will be launching March 28 and PlayStation has recently released a new features trailer for the game. Check it out!

This game takes place during Ragnarok, where players will return home to their village only to find it destroyed. Now, you will need to rebuild your village while also defending it from the attacks of the Juton.

In this game you will explore Midgard, a world based on the history of the Vikings and its mythology with an additional twist of fantasy. Players will have to battle enemies with powerful weapons such as hammers, swords, and double wielded axes and master them to unlock new abilities to defeat various creatures and giants. Spell powers and gifts can also be earned by offering blood you’ve collected to the gods in this viking universe.

Head developer of Gamesfarm, Peter Nagy, reveals that in addition to the game’s campaign, there will also be other game modes to choose from. One game mode will allow players to earn special equipment by surviving against waves of monsters and bosses. The next speaks to the inner completionist in all of us, a mode that gives players the chance to master all available weapon sets, progress their character to the maximum of their abilities, and also gather all gear available throughout the game.

Keep your eye out for Vikings – Wolves of Midgard releasing March 28.