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Nintendo Wants to Give 2-3 Mobile Titles To Gamers A Year

When Nintendo announced their plans to do mobile titles featuring their famous IP’s, many were curious how it would work, and what the games would be like. Soon, we got Miitomo, Pokemon GO (which Nintendo only partially owns), and Super Mario Run. Then last week we got Fire Emblem Heroes, which has already gotten off to a fiery start, with Nintendo promising to bring more content to it as long as gamers kept playing it. 

But, the question remains, how many other IP’s will Nintendo bring to mobile? Also, given the delays of Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and the upcoming Animal Crossing games, how many will Nintendo try to bring in a year?

Well, according to Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima during an Investors Meeting, “we plan to continue releasing two to three titles per year that consumers can enjoy as Nintendoʼs smart-device applications.”

Super Mario Run - The Outerhaven

This makes sense, as it’ll not only allow for decent development time, but a good buildup for the games. Super Mario had a lot of hype since it debuted at an Apple event last year. And Fire Emblem Heroes, despite being announced mere weeks before launch, also had a lot of hype going into it.

As of now, the only other game announced is Animal Crossing, which is set to release a little later this year. After that? It’s anyone’s guess as to what is next. What IP’s would YOU like to see put into the Mobile Initiative? Let us know in the comments below!