Fire Emblem Heroes Will Continue To Get Content As Long As Fans Support It

Fire Emblem Heroes is already a hit. On its launch day it was downloaded over 2 million times, and made close to $3 million dollars in revenue on that same day. Yet, even with its success, a question need to be asked…how long will Nintendo support this game?

Now, the game is pretty robust right now with the its main story mode, the ability to do the story on various difficulty levels, and of course be able to get new heroes to raise and make your perfect team. Add that to online duels with other players and special story missions, and you got a lot to do. But, there’s still a lot missing, so will Nintendo support it in the long term?

Yes. Yes they will. For in an interview with IGN, Nintendo game director Shingo Matsushita has stated that they will continue to support Fire Emblem Heroes as long as players continue to support it. What does that mean? Well, if you keep playing it, Nintendo will keep giving you reasons to play it!

So, what can you expect? Well…a lot!

“We plan to add new stories continually after release, at a pace of about two a month or one every two weeks,” Fire Emblem Heroes game director Kouhei Maeda told IGN. “We also plan to add things like new characters and skills, as well as new game modes that go in different directions from the current gameplay.”

Greil Mercenaries

This will no doubt please fans of Fire Emblem, as several key games were “left out” of initial launch despite their popularity. Such as Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Genealogy of the Holy War, and more. Seeing these games get represented are already a huge fan wish. But else could come?

Well, remember, there’s new Fire Emblem games coming in Fire Emblem Echoes, and a new title for Switch next year. In potentia, they could appear too, but Nintendo refused to comment on it.

Does this make you more excited for Fire Emblem Heroes? Let us know in the comments below!