Get Ready for the New Teen Titan Animated Flick – the Judas Contract

The last time we saw the Teen Titans in action was the animated film, Justice League vs Teen Titans. During that film, they still had to share the spotlight with some of DC Comics heavy hitters. But now, their new film has them going solo. TheTeen Titans will have their hands full this time. Brother Blood has some sort of machine that steals people’s powers and life force and he’s set his eyes on the Teen Titans.

Of course, he realizes he can’t accomplish his goal, so he enlists the help of DC Comic’s deadliest assassin; Deathstroke. It’s going to take everything the Teen Titans have to stay out of his grasps, but can they? The film is actually based on Bruce Timm’s comic of the same name from 2008.

Finally, the team adds one new member to the cast, Terra. Terra just happens to be a meta-human who has the power of manipulating the earth. Terra was actually shown in the ending credits of  Justice League vs Teen Titans. But can she be trusted?

No release date for the animated film has been announced yet.