Mario McDonald's

Mario Toys Coming To Happy Meals In UK

So…here’s a funny bit of life being predicted. In the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, our very own Tyler stated that Nintendo should do more advertising with their brands. Put them out into the world more. Bouncing off of that, Will noted that it would be cool if they had Nintendo toys in Happy Meals at McDonald’s…well Will and Tyler…wish granted!

As you can see, not only are Mario and friends getting into Happy Meals, McDonald’s went full-on Nintendo with the advertising!

The toys are already out in Japan, but their coming to the UK on the 11th. No word yet on whether the US will be next, but something tells me that they will. If for no other reason than Nintendo is clearly going full stop to promote the Switch, and these toys might help with that.

Now, as for the toys themselves, you can get a figure of: Mario, Peach, Bowswer, Yoshi, Luigi, a Red Koopa Shell, a Piranha Plant in a pipe, or a “?” Block. You can see them all view a gallery here.

So, does this entice you enough to get your own Happy Meal? Well, if you live in Japan or the UK that is. If this heads stateside, you KNOW we’ll let you know.