Valkyria Revolution Heads to North America, Picks Up Xbox One Version

Sega just tossed out some new info on Valkyria Revolution Azure, for you eager fans. First up is the announcement that North American will see a release of the title after all. Previously only mentioned as a Japanese released title, all you Westerns can breeze a bit easier. The game will also see a slight name change and will simply be called Valkyria Revolution and not Valkyria Revolution Azure

Previously reported as “Valkyria: Azure Revolution,” the newly titled Valkyria Revolution will release in the west both physically and digitally for the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One™, and as a digital-only title for the PlayStation®Vita.

What’s more is not only is Valkyria Revolution coming to North America, but SEGA has also announced that a Xbox One version will also be released specifically for this market. That’s right, NA will get a both a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version. Both versions will see a physical release date, while the PS Vita will be a digital-only title.

Valkyria Revolution is not just a new chapter in the legendary Valkyria series, but a whole new entry with new characters, a new world, and new gameplay mechanics. The static, turn-based battlefield has become an action-oriented stage for devastating melee combos, lethal ranged attacks, and strategic shifts to turn the tide of battle, all while exploring the incredible history of the Circle of Five. Valkyria Revolution will be released on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One.

Box art for the PS4 and Xbox One versions below.


Xbox One fans, this is yet one more JRPG that’s heading over to your console of choice. I’d definitely jump on this, especially since most JRPG’s are at home on the PlayStation 3 and 4. I honestly didn’t see this coming, but SEGA must have heard the cries.

While Valkyria Revolution doesn’t have a set release date in NA just yet, SEGA is targeting a Q2 2017 release date. 

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