COSPLAY by McCALL’S Fatale Pattern Review

Wave 8 of COSPLAY by McCalls deviates from the previous formula of full-clothes patterns inspired by themes and characters. FATALE, one of three patterns from wave 8 provides patterns for a collar, shoulder armor, leggings, and a crown. While I bet the majority of the cosplay community has already figured out ways to work with DIY patterns, FATALE provides new options with little guesswork.

Here are the specs:

Skill level: Very Easy

Sizes: XS – XXL

Pattern number:M2083

As usual, the COSPLAY by McCALL’S line has patterns printed on a somewhat thicker paper with blue ink which should make it easier for those who want to trace their patterns onto tissue paper. The directions are easy to follow.

The inside of the packaging has useful tips on working with craft foam and craft glue.


I am probably not very creative or I just don’t watch the right genres, but when it comes to the patterns in this set I am a little bit at a loss for what I personally would use them for. In general I bet the crown pattern would work as a basis for  brewing ideas for other headwear. The shoulder armor may work with some alteration to the pattern for various cosplays, or it could work as is for a gothic/lolita outfit. The leggings can work with anything. I’m actually really appreciative that they have chosen to include leggings in this pattern kit because that’s not something I think about or come across often.

m2083shoulderarmor-1This pattern also includes a high collar with boning, that I can imagine being useful in a variety of situations.

As I mentioned previously, I’m not really sure how I would use these patterns for cosplay. I can see them being useful for a variety of situations outside of cosplay. I would definitely make use of the stockings for outfits and I can see the shoulder piece being used for subculture styles. Do I think this pattern is necessary for a cosplayers collection? No, not really. There is nothing essential in this that I would need in a cosplay situation – but I’m just speaking for myself. I could see this pattern being a nice thing to add for when you feel like making some interesting accessories.

*This item was provided for review.

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