Bandai Namco Released a 20th Anniversay Trailer for Soul Calibur. Could a Remaster or Follow-up Be Next?


In case many of you, including us, have forgotten, today marks Soul Calibur’s 20th anniversary. The second game in Bandai Namco’s s original Soul Series, not being confused with the other Souls Series (Dark Souls), Soul Calibur was a follow-up to the arcade release of Soul Edge. Released in arcades back in 1998, it was eventually ported over to the Dreamcast during the launch of the console in 1999. Easily one of the better fighting games of its time and beyond, Soul Calibur is still considered one of the best weapon-based fighting games of all time. 

While I never had the chance to play the game in arcades, I still remember when I picked up my Dreamcast and a copy of Soul Calibur. I was pretty much smitten the day I popped it in the Dreamcast and played it damn near every day. Fights with my little brother, who still can’t beat me in it, as well as anyone else in the area who wanted to challenge me. Those were the days and I still own that very same Dreamcast and copy of the game. Though, thanks to the re-release of Soul Calibur on Xbox Live, I never have to hook it up. 

Fast-forward to today, Bandai Namco has released a new video to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Sadly that’s all we got, but hopefully, this leaves a doorway open for either an eventual sequel or perhaps even a reboot of the game. Fans of the series have been asking for a sequel to the series for quite some time and despite the name being mentioned by Bandai Namco once in a while, there never was any confirmation. 

Here’s hoping that this trailer has a deeper meaning, well other than the anniversary that is. I’d love to see Bandai Namco tackle Soul Calibur 6 after they’re done with Tekken 7. Don’t even bother me with “What about Tekken X Street Fighter?”, because that game is dead.

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