New Arrowverse Crossover Brings The CW’s Biggest Stars Front And Center

Once upon a time, the CW was a channel known for its so-so teen dramas and Seventh Heaven, after cancelling its weekday afternoon and Saturday morning cartoon line-up. But when they took a chance on a show called Supernatural, they found the power of the power of the nerd demographic. And so they developed three of the most popular superhero shows to date: ArrowThe Flash, and Supergirl. Now, hoping to bring a bump in ratings, they’ve created a Arrowverse crossover where all three heroes will meet up and do battle.


For those not familiar with these shows, they follow the adventures of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, Barry Allen aka The Flash, and Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl in their respective shows. Arrow is more of an urban-crime-fighting series, The Flash delves more into science fiction, and Supergirl is closer to the standard save-the-day formula of the Superman franchise. Still, the three have not met up yet despite sharing the same universe and sharing some crossover in characters and events. 

Little is known about the Arrowverse crossover except that The Flash and Cisco will tear a hole in space-time (which tends to happen a lot) and The Dominators will be involved, along with their mind-controlling abilities. There is speculation that the three heroes and some of their allies with go toe-to-toe in battle, whether they are being mind controlled or forced to by some conflict. Some think Supergirl will be the clear winner of the conflict, being the strongest and the most superpowered, as well as being the newest, and that Green Arrow will be at the biggest disadvantage. The cast from the ensemble DCEU show Legends of Tomorrow will make an appearance, though to what purpose is yet unknown. 


This epic crossover with take up a week of the show’s programming, starting with The Flash‘s episode on November 29, 2016, with all episodes entitled “Invasion!”