Jasco Games, whose Universal Fighting System Collectible Card Game includes sets featuring Darkstalkers, The King of Fighters XIII, and has upcoming expansions for Street Fighter and Cowboy Bebop, has teamed up with Level 99 Games on a Kickstarter project to bring a Mega Man to Pixel Tactics.

From the Kickstarter:

Pixel Tactics is a 2-player card game that captures the tactical strategy of a classic SRPG (Strategy Role Playing Game). Battles take about 30 minutes to play, and each game is vastly different due to the powerful influence of Leaders over game play!

Pixel Tactics has been around for almost 4 years with 9 different games and expansions under its belt. Jasco Games is very excited to partner with Level 99 Games, the publisher of the original Pixel Tactics line, to bring you this new edition of the game.

Each box comes with over 25 different characters, including Mega Man himself and his many allies and villains throughout the classic series. Both boxes are complete games, and you can play a complete 2-player game with just one box.

The cards in these boxes are completely new, and are fully compatible with other Pixel Tactics Games!

Once we’re funded, every $10k beyond our base goal unlocks one more promotional card for all backers at the Mega Buster, Stage Select and Super Fighting Robot pledge levels! These bonus cards include characters from Mega Man’s latest adventures! If we unlock them all, there may be an even bigger surprise in store…

At publication time, 430 backers have pledged $25,019 out of a goal of $20,000, with 19 days left in the campaign. Reward tiers include the red and blue boxes of Mega Man Pixel Tactics, as well as tins of the Mega Man and Proto Man decks for Jasco’s UFS.

You can learn more about Pixel Tactics here: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/125548/pixel-tactics

The Kickstarter campaign for Mega Man Pixel Tactics can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1821440755/mega-man-pixel-tactics

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