New Zelda Amiibo look to revitalize Amiibo Fever

The Return of the Amiibo Craze Begins Here

Yep, I remember the glory days of amiibo. It’s hard to believe that the awesome line of quality Nintendo figurines were in their prime just one year ago. Since then, the Super Smash Bros. line of figures has just about been completed and the buzz surrounding the figures has all but died. That’s all about to change, however. Amiibo hunting is back and better than ever, thanks to these awesome new Legend of Zelda amiibo!

Just look at those designs! Because of amiibo, I’ve already easily spent 500 bucks on figurines that do nothing but sit on my desk. Thanks to these, that number is definitely going up. The detail on these is remarkable, and it’s encouraging as a collector to finally have something to get excited about.

The new Zelda amiibo will be compatible with any game the Smash Bros. Link and Zelda figures are, and will have special functionality in Breath of the Wild. What that special feature is remains a mystery, but I’m sure Nintendo will come up with something creative. 

While the Zelda line looks to be grabbing all the headlines, the new Yoshi Wooly World Poochy amiibo also deserves an honorable mention. Poochy is adorable as ever, although his amiibo bonus is also unclear. 

After such a long silence on the future of amiibo, these announcements prove that Nintendo is doubling down on the concept. The amiibo release schedule is once again packed, as the previous revealed Super Mario wave 2 launches in November. If only Nintendo would just tell me when I can get my hands on that Corrin Smash Bros. figure. They promised every fighter would get one, so I refuse to lose hope. Until then, I’ll just settle for salivating at that Ocarina of Time Link figure.