NBA 2K17’s MyCareer Trailer is Hella Lit, Fam

We got the opportunity to take a look at NBA 2K17‘s newest MyCareer trailer earlier today, and I only have one word to describe it.


The trailer features your character, known as “The President of Basketball,” and Justice Young, voiced by Creed‘s Michael B. Jordan in various moments during MyCareer, and unlike last year’s campaign, this year’s edition is already looking fantastic. 

According to NBA 2K Senior Producer, Ben Briggs, this year’s MyCareer campaign is taking a different approach than the linear Livin’ Da Dream:

In NBA 2K16, we took a rather different approach. Spike Lee’s Livin’ Da Dream narrative was very linear, focused almost exclusively on the off-the-court trials and tribulations of a young, up-and-coming NBA star. This year, we wanted to bring the emphasis back on the court to the game of basketball, and with a much more dynamic and interactive story element.

That being said, the game looks like it’s going to be exciting this year, and I can’t wait. NBA 2K17 releases in 3 flavors this year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4/PS4 Pro and Steam on September 20th. Pre-Order the Standard, Legend or Legend Gold Editions to get the 1992 Dream Team, as well as the chance to play the game 4 days early on September 16th. Also, MyCareer: Prelude will release on Xbox One and PS4 this Friday.

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