Carmilla Season 3 Premieres With Fangs and Fanfare

Our favorite lesbian vampire and her doomed paramour are back for one more round with the evil dean of Silas University. Carmilla Season 3 premiered on September 15th, with KindaTV releasing 17 episodes as part of Act I.


The hit web series that took YouTube by storm follows the adventures of optimist Laura Hollis as she attends the mysterious and supernatural Silas University. In the first season, her roommate disappears and is replaced by the dark and brooding Carmilla Karnstein, who turns out to be a vampire and the “daughter” of the evil dean. 

In the final season of the show, Laura and Carmilla are broken up, their friend Perry has been possessed by the dean, and the two, along with science-obsessed LaFontaine, are trapped in the library as the dean and the sinister Corvay corporation attempt to take over campus. The show may be based on the lesbian vampire novella of the same name, but the story has long derailed from the original 1872 plot line for something more modern and more adventure-focused.

The show, sponsored by U by Kotex, has spent a few months building up to the final season which is darker and longer than the previous two. Several beloved characters are now vampires, the gang is still in hiding, and all hell is breaking loose on campus but worst of all, Laura and Carmilla are still broken up. There’s no telling how the story will end or if our favorite couple will reunite and live happily after graduation, but fans are holding their breaths as the innovative and imaginative web series draws to a close.

You can watch the first episode on the new season here:

For those jonesing for their next fix of Carm and the gang, the episodes of Act II will be up September 29th at 7:30 Eastern Standard Time, and the series will wrap up wit Act III on October 13th, same time and place.