Rumor: New Nintendo Patent Supports Detachable NX Controller

A patent filed by Nintendo back in January was published online today, revealing a detachable controller that seems to support recent rumors regarding the NX. The photos in the patent show a small controller add-on connecting with a tablet-like device.

The Patent Calls for a Controller that uses Infrared Technology to Detect Button Presses

NX controller add-on

The add-on will likely look different than what is seen is the patent. This image is meant to demonstrate the concept.

Interestingly, the controller will not depend on electrical components to detect button presses. An infrared camera, found on the side of the tablet, will do the work by bouncing light off of reflectors found in the controller’s shell instead. This may lower the cost of the device, although the possibility of input lag has left some fans concerned. 

NX controller

A separate patent was also revealed, showing a new system that doesn’t use a controller at all. The system seems to be completely operated by hand gestures.

NX junk

It’s important to note that Nintendo has not confirmed any rumors regarding the NX currently. The company has filed similar patents in the past that have yet to see the light of day. Fans can expect to hear exactly what the NX is from the horse’s mouth sometime this Fall.  

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