According to Eurogamer, “a number of sources have confirmed” that the NX will be a “portable, handheld console with detachable controllers.” This comes after months of speculation that the NX would indeed be a hybrid system that brought together the Nintendo ecosystem. According to these sources, the controllers will detatch from the sides of the handheld when the unit is docked in the “base unit” for traditional gameplay on the television. 

Additionally, the report confirms the speculation that the NX will utilize cartridges. Nintendo seems to be pointing to 32 GB as a reasonably sized cartridge. This seems a bit odd, considering that many games reach the 50/60 GB mark these days. Part of that may have to do with the fact that Nintendo does not seem at all concerned with the power of their device. Apparently, in order to achieve this design power had to be scaled down. The system will be using an Nvidia Tegra mobile processor.

The Nintendo NX will also boast a new proprietary operating system and, despite rumors, will not run on Android. Eurogamer’s sources say that there are no plans for backwards compatibility.

The unveiling of the console, according to the article, is set for September. As of right now, the NX is slated to see a release in March of 2017. Stay tuned to The Outerhaven for more as this story develops.


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