Team Skull, New Pokemon, Alola Forms Unveiled

Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s newest trailer came out today on the heels of the contents of the trailer being leaked over the last few days. Nevertheless, the trailer that was shown off is chock full of information on some of Alola’s native Pokemon and the region’s villains, Team Skull.

The trailer starts off with featuring the Water-type Washiwashi, which has the ability Schooling, which enables it to go from its Solo form to it’s School Form when Washiwashi reaches a certain level. Another Water-type, Pyukumuku, has the ability Innards Out, which appears to do damage your opponent upon Pyukumuku’s fainting. The Grass/Fairy type, Morelull has the potential to have either Illuminate or Effect Spore. Illuminate, which is one of the oldest abilities in the game, increases the encounter rate of wild Pokemon, and Effect Spore can cause paralysis, sleep or poisoning on contact.

In addition, Alola’s villain team, Team Skull was shown off, and they want nothing but to cause destruction to  the world. In the trailer, we were introduced to the Skull grunts, as well as Plumeria, Team Skull’s Big Sister and Guzma, the boss of the team. They have a hip-hop/punk styling to them, and their moves are lit, so expect to have some fun protecting the region of Alola.

Three new Alola forms were unveiled as well. Meowth’s Alola form is now a Dark-type, Marowak is now Fire/Ghost-type and Raichu adds Psychic to it’s typing. Marowak’s primary ability changes as well from Rock Head to Cursed Body, but also retains Lightning Rod. Alola Raichu has a new ability, known as Surge Surfer, which doubles Raichu’s speed for the 5 turns that Electric Terrain is active.

Check out the rest of the Pokemon Sun and Moon reveals from earlier in the Summer, and stay tuned to The Outerhaven for more news on Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon releases on November 18th on the Nintendo 3DS.

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