Ever since Blizzard showed sent out their goodie bag for Blizzcon 2016 out to a few select personalities, the Diablo hype train had officially started off to the station. Now, I’m not going to go into why exactly, but if you’re curious, then check out this link here. 


What I am here to talk about is that Blizzard may, in fact, be planning something, which may or may not tie into the link above. You see, recently someone took to Twitter and stated: “I really hope that Diablo gets a huge announcement at Blizzcon”.

Not sure if they expected a reply from Blizzard, but they normally do check their Twitter feeds and actually replied back.

Now, it could be that Blizzard is trolling their fans, but at the same time Blizzard isn’t really known for that. Adding to this is that back in July, Blizzard had posted listing for a Game Director for unannounced Diablo Project. Now, this could be a posting to replace Jay Wilson, who parted ways with the company prior to June 2016. Or it could also be that they are actually looking for someone for a new Diablo project.

Already people have speculated that it’s either going to be a Diablo II remake, though I’m not sure why they would go backwards despite Diablo II being super popular or a forthcoming Diablo 4 entry.  Either way, it’s looking like Blizzcon 2016 is definitely going to have an announcement of sorts. Just pray for Blizzard’s sake that it’s a GOOD one, as they have some really passionate fans, like myself.

If I can add my two cents, which I’m going to do anyway, I would love to see a Diablo 4 game. Sure, D3 had it rough in the beginning, but after the first major patch and expansion, the game got back on the right track. Adding to this is how many felt that Jay Wilson was the cause of Diablo 3‘s misfortune, but he’s out of the picture now so a new title in the Diablo series would be a great way to “apologise” to its fans.

Only time will tell I suppose. 

Blizzcon 2016 takes place on November 4-5 2016. Tickets have long since sold out, however, the virtual tickets are still available for here for $39.99. Once you purchase a virtual ticket, you can also purchase your own goodie bag for $35.

Maybe once in my life, I’ll make it out to Blizzcon.

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