Remembering Satoru Iwata One Year Later


I know for a lot of fans, both of Nintendo as well as gamers, the passing of Satoru Iwata was devastating. It’s hard to believe that today (It’s already July 11th in Japan) marks the year mark that Satoru Iwata passed. Still at the same time, we all have to remember that nothing last forever and as long as we remember him, his legacy will always live on.

Satoru Iwata will be remembered for everything that he’s done for the gaming industry and it’s because of people like him, that it has progressed for the better. He was kind, determined, focused, caring and above all he was passionate about everything he did. A shrewd businessman, a talented programmer and he shaped the path for Nintendo for many years.  


Honestly, if it wasn’t for Satoru, the company of Nintendo as well as gaming would not be in the shape it is now. And I’m sure people who be quick to point out that since his passing, things haven’t been quite the same. So today is a day of reflection, to remember everything Saturo Iwata has done for us all.

If you haven’t watched the Biography of Satoru Iwata that created by Gaming Historian, I highly recommend that you take 40 minutes to watch it. Then when you’re finished with that, follow it up with GDC tribute.

Damn you tear, what are you doing there? Who am I kidding, this one is for you, Iwata!



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