Oh No! Shuhei Yoshida’s Twitter Account Has Been Hijacked

It looks like nothing is sacred when it comes to the internet and twitter accounts. During the recent months, there has been a rash of account hijacking, from celebrities, athletes, twitch/youtube streamers and personalities. Now the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida (@yosp), has been added to that list.

Looks like the person or team behind this is calling themselves the OurMine Team and claim that they are not a hacking group but a security group. Though right before that, they state clear as day, that you have been hacked by OurMine Team. Um, guys…. I work in IT and dabble in Sec ops as well. If you find an exploit or flaw, you attempt to contact the person, not hijack their account. 

They also provided a link and claimed they would give the account back if He followed it. So lesson number one, never click on a link provided by someone who hijacked you. You never know what is attached to that link or what is set up on that website. Hopefully, Shuhei Yoshida is wise to the game and is already contacting Twitter regarding this.


Either way, I have no doubt that Twitter will get this sorted and Yoshida will get his account back.No word yet if this was due to some elaborate social engineering or just a case of using a weak password. So be mindful people when you set up an account anywhere. Be sure to use an alphanumeric password that is at least 12-16 characters long. Definitely, make sure you use a password that hasn’t been used anywhere else as well.

Be safe out there people, it’s a dangerous cyber world!

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