Tokyo Ghoul Volume 7 Review

tgTitle: Tokyo Ghoul Volume 7
Author: Sui Ishida
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page count: 200
Genre: Horror, Suspense
Publication Date:
June 21, 2016

The staff of Anteiku face perilous obstacles including fighting the Aogiri Tree gang and maneuvering around CCG. In the meantime Kaneki is taken captive by one of the Aogiri Tree gang’s most deranged members, Yamori, for his own pleasures. To maintain his sanity, Kaneki must embrace the Ghoul inside regardless of how far from humanity it pushes him. Can Kaneki survive Yamori’s brutal torture? Can Touka and her allies avoid attracting attention in their attempt to find Kaneki?


Volume 6 really prepared us for what was going to happen next. This volume is packed with a story that really increases the anguish and suspense that Ishida artfully built up. I will say it now – there is no climax, no crescendo, and no release in sight. We’re simply continue to climb story mountain in this volume so let’s briefly summarize what is happening without any spoilers.

Touka, Nishiki, and Yoshimura discuss the likelihood of successfully retrieving Kaneki from the clutches of the Aogiri Tree organization. They suspect that Kaneki is either dead or if alive, he will be very different from the half-human, half-ghoul they knew before. The risks they will have to take to rescue him are so great that they recruit some ghouls that readers will not expect.

In the meantime, the CCG has prepared their own descent upon the Aogiri Tree with the intention of destroying every ghoul they come across. Armed with special bullets that prevent ghouls from using their Kagune, their hopes for penetrating the gang are high. With them is the childish but insane Juzo Suzuya who finds a very unorthodox way to get past sniper fire so that the CCG can begin their raid.

While all of this is happening, Kaneki is tied up in an isolated location with only Yamori as his company. Those with weak stomachs may want to take a deep breath because the events that take place between Kaneki and Yamori are intense. Kaneki endures grueling torture tactics and eventually succumbs to visions of Rize from the grave.

There are no spoilers here, so if you want to know how it all goes down, you need to read the book.

Final Word:

This is perhaps the best volume of Tokyo Ghoul yet. It is clear that this series is building up to something amazing. Each installment is more twisted than the last. I finished this book in record time because I simply could not put it down. I didn’t need to flip back and forth to figure out who was fighting who or what was happening. The writing is very clear and the drawings are crisp. Despite so much action, this volume is actually very easy to follow.

With all that is happening, I must say that the spotlight is on Kaneki the entire time. From the beginning to the end, Kaneki goes through a transformation that requires massive psychological and physical strength. He is no longer the scared college boy fearful of losing his humanity. This volume ends with a cliffhanger so I’m uncertain of the extent of Kaneki’s transformation. I’m about to fall off of my seat in suspense for what will come up next. 


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