The Space Marines Are Coming to Battlefleet Gothic Armada

Focus Home Interactive has announced that the Space Marines will also make their way into the title.  Yes, the SPACE MARINES ARE COMING! And they’re coming your way in just 4 days!

While this new faction has been teased for months, as of June 21st, 2016, you’ll be able to take part of either the Blood Angels, Ultra Marines or the Space Wolves. The new faction will be available for free to anyone who’s pre-ordered Battlefleet Gothic Armada or those who picked up the game within two months of release. For everyone else, the Space Marine faction will cost $6.99.

The Space Marines DLC includes 5 different Space Marine chapters. The past week, we introduced you the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves. This week, we’re unveiling more about the Ultramarines, the Imperial Fists and the Blood Angels.  

The Ultramarines pride themselves on their strict adherence to the Codex Astartes, and view themselves as an example for all Space Marines Chapters. To the Ultramarines, the Codex is more than a set of rules, it represents discipline and respect for order. They are among the best warriors of the Imperium. 

The Imperial Fists are recognized to be among the most loyal Chapters to the Emperor and have been instrumental in holding the Imperium together during the bleakest of times, with renowned stubborn resilience. They are Siege Warfare specialists, a title exemplified with their role in leading the defence of Earth, which gave them the title of “Defenders of Terra”. 

The Blood Angels are a Chapter known for their impressive bloodlust, and an occasionnal deadly rage, but also for their keen aesthetic skills and their exceptionnal longevity, even for Space Marines. Their Chapter Master, Dante, is more than a millennia-old, and leads his Chapter wisely and with exceptional efficiency. 

So if you’ve been thinking about picking up Battlefleet Gothic Armada and want the bad ass Space Marines for free, you got until June 21, 2016.

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