Destiny: Rise of Iron Gets an Announcement and Price

Destiny: Rise of Iron will indeed by launching on September 30th, and for a price of $3o (USD). Bungie was also very clear in their announcement for the title that it would be limited to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, leaving behind previous generation consoles. 

The numerous leaks that have surfaced over the course of the past weeks regarding the Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny were all confirmed in a Twitch stream today by Bungie. The bulk of the details were summarized by premature listings on the Destiny website. Additionally, today it was posted that the popular Gjallarhorn rocket launcher would be a pre-order bonus, though Community Manager Deej clarified on the stream that it would only be the special “Iron” skin. The weapon itself will be tied to a special in-game quest.

Today’s stream focused on the story, environments, and aesthetic of Destiny: Rise of Iron. Deej was clear that this was just the first of many presentations, as we have come to expect with Destiny expansions, and that more information was coming. New locations showed off included The Plaguelands, Felwinter’s Peak, and an extended version of the Wall, where players first began their journey in vanilla Destiny. According to Bungie, the expansion will focus on the Fallen, who have dug up an ancient augmentation technology referred to as “the plague”, and Lord Saladin’s fight to push them back and destroy this weapon that the original Iron Lords gave their life to seal away. The team seems very keen on building on one of The Taken King’s strengths and presenting a more cinematic story. This worked well there, as you can read in my review, and I look forward to seeing more.

For more on Destiny: Rise of Iron (and with E3 2016 a few days away, news will likely come soon) stay tuned to the Outerhaven. 



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