Collect All the Waifus in Tanto Cuore

Ever wished you could play a game where you could just collect waifus and hire them as chambermaids? Well, Tanto Cuore has got you covered. In this deck-building game from Japanime Games, 2-4 players spend “love” to enamor as many scantily clad anime girls as they can and send them to their personal chambers. You know, for maid stuff.

JPG001- Tanto Cuore

The mechanics of the game are pretty simple. Players use love cards to “hire” maids for their mansion. Maids vary in cost and chamber points, and have varying abilities, like the ability to “chamber” another maid. The goal is to fill your chamber with as many maids as possible. Whoever has the highest chamber points wins.

JPG002- Tanto Cuore_ Expanding the House

If you’ve never played a deck-building game (and I hadn’t until Tanto Cuore), it may take a minute to get into. Deck-building games are different than collectible card games (CCGs) like Magic: The Gathering in that you actively build your deck during the game with everything included in the box. No scavenging your local comic shop for random cards. If you do want to grow your collection of maids, Japanime Games has many expansions of Tanto Cuore, and each box contains over 200 cards and can be played as standalone expansions or mixed together.

JPG003- Tanto Cuore_ Romantic Vacation

Not only is this game fun to play, but the art really stands on its own. Check back later for a full review of the game after I spend some more time with it. If you’re interested in other products from Japanime Games, check out their site here.