It has been over 20 years since the Cabal shooter action of Wild Guns first made its way to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Though it has always been seen as more or less of a hidden gem, nobody expected more from it. One would assume that Wild Guns made its mark on the industry and has had its time, both on shelves and on digital distribution; however, Natsume Inc. has proven us all wrong.
Just today Natsume tweeted that a whole new adventure for Clint and Annie (the original title’s protagonists) is on its way as a PS4 exclusive and that details are to follow at E3 this year. 


If more of this is what we have to look forward too, count me in

At this point there is no real information on the title, but chances are that it will retain the cabal/shooting gallery style in a bizarre steampunk/western setting that gave the original its cult following. Here’s hoping for a good showing at this year’s E3.