Mega Man Legends 2 Heads to PlayStation Network on April 5

Woah, you Mega Man fans seeing this? Looks like Capcom has decided finally bring over Mega Man Legends 2 over to the PlayStation Network. That now means that fans will be able to download this classic title on the PlayStation 3, PS Vita and the PSP if you can believe it. This was recently announced in the most recent PlayStation Blogcast. Now this is going way back, I’m talking about the original PlayStation back during 2000.

Mega Man Legends 2 was Capcom’s second attempt to take the wildly successful gaming series to the 3d world. While the original Mega Man Legends had numerous issues, Mega Man Legends improved on and refined the 3D series.


Get excited! While this isn’t a new Mega Man, it’s nice to see that Capcom has finally stated to come around. Right?

*Mega Man Legends 2 Wallpaper by Legend-tony980.