Spidey Finally Makes His Appearance in the Newest Captain America: Civil War Trailer

The latest Captain America: Civil War trailer has been released and everyone’s prayers and pleas have been answered. Not only is this perhaps the best trailer for the movie to date, it also answers a few questions [prompted by the previous trailers. The tension between Steven and Tony have reached a climax and the cause is revealed. More story has definitely been put forward and if you weren’t hyped about this film the first time around, you may change your mind after checking out the trailer.

Still, it seems like two characters in specific are wildcards, mainly Black Widow and Black Panther. Widow, who it seemed was squarely on Tony’s side, looks to be telling him to watch his back. And there there’s T’challa, who we still don’t know his role in all of this, but he seems hell bent on chasing down Bucky, wonder what he did to piss the King off.

It’s avenger vs avenger, blow for blow… oh and a certain web crawler makes his appearance and yes, he is on Team Ironman. But for how long? 

Captain America: Civil War releases in theaters on May 6, 2016