Final Fantasy XV Collectors Edition Limited to 80 Copies in Australia

As reported earlier today, Final Fantasy XV is getting a lot of editions for people to buy as well as a lot of other free stuff. Now while people in the USA were able to get their hands on some of those 30’000 Collectors Editions (Including 2 of our own Outerhaven staff), people in Australia were locked out of the running due to the Square-Enix store not delivering to my country.

Well the good people at EB Games (The Australian arm of Gamestop) have stepped up to try and get some of those 30’000 units for us to buy…. Only to end up with 80 copies of Final Fantasy XV Collectors Edition for the WHOLE COUNTRY! While Australians can buy the Deluxe Edition of Final Fantasy XV with a $50 preorder deposit, they are offering Level 4 EB World customers (The highest level of their loyalty program) a chance to win the option to upgrade from the Deluxe Edition to the Collectors Edition as seen in the tweet below.

I understand that with the limited number of units available, EB Games needed to do something. I guess this is the fairest thing that they could come up with on short notice. The fact that this is only available to Level 4 loyalty customers is going to upset a lot of people. Sure, I’m one of those Level 4 members, but there are a lot more non-Level 4 customers that would like a chance at the upgrade too. I ended up giving my chance to win an upgrade to someone else because I’m not interested in spending a possible $400+ on a Collectors Edition (The game sold for USD$269.99, which is $352.63 converted, so rounded up to $400 minimum due to Australian retail being shit).

Winners of a chance to upgrade will be contacts by close of business next Tuesday.