Boruto Manga Launches May 9

A while back, it was announced that a new website was setup to announce the “Next Generation” of Naruto. That website has now announced that starting on May 9, a spinoff manga centered around Boruto will debut in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen JUMP magazine. Ironically, despite this being in a weekly printed magazine, the manga will only run one chapter per month.  In addition to this, Masashi Kishimoto will publish his one shot for his critically acclaimed Naruto manga in the magazine’s combined 22nd/23rd issue, which goes on sale April 25.

Mikie Ikemoto, who worked as an assistant to Kishimoto, will be the artist behind drawing the Boruto manga with Kishimoto supervising and overseeing the manga’s production. Ukyou Kodachi will be the one writing the story for the manga and already has experience with the Naruto franchise as he has written the story for Naruto – Gaara Hiden: Sajingensou and the Boruto movie. 

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