EMPIRE Magazine’s new cover – Captain America vs Iron Man, it’s on now!

Oh boy, we already knew that the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie was already going to be Marvel’s latest and best project to-date, I don’t think we were prepared for what’s coming. Case in point, Empire Magazine’s recent cover shows off former friends and teammates, Captain America and Iron Man, going at it. 


Now fans of the original Marvel Civil War comic will remember this iconic scene, as the Empire cover is a remake that occurred during that Civil War arc. Cap vs Shell-head, going at each others throat, with the fate of the Marvel universe as it stands in hand.

Captain America: Civil War releases on May 6, 2016.


So what do you think about Empire‘s cover for the upcoming movie? Do you like it? Does it plant memories of the past comic arc in your mind? Are you excited for the movie? We’d love to know!