Koei-Tecmo releases new Hyrule Warriors Legends Promotional video

Koei-Tecmo has released a new promo for Hyrule Warriors Legends depicting the entirety of its massive roster, from the characters in the original Hyrule Warriors to the newcomers: Linkle, Skull Kid, Tetra, Toon Link, and The King of Red Lions. 

Though the trailer is lacking depth in terms of story or explanation of new features, it does show off some attractive aesthetics as well as showcasing super moves for each fighter.  In addition to seeing each of the characters in action, there is a brief look at what is currently called “my fairy” which allows the player to dress up and feed a fairy which can be used as a sort of summon or familiar in the game’s adventure mode.
More in-depth details on ‘my fairly” are not available at the moment.

Hyrule Warriors Legends releases to Japan on January 21, 2016 and the rest of the world on March 25, 2016

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