Cryptic Messages from Destiny’s Exotic Merchant: What Is Bungie Up To?

Vendors of gadgets and weaponry are the unsung heroes of video game mythology. From the man who gave us our first sword in The Legend of Zelda to Resident Evil 4’s thick-accented arms dealer, they’ve tagged along and seen us through all kinds of challenges. For players of Destiny, the relationship with Xur (who graces us with his presence every weekend bearing a small selection of exotic-tier equipment) is a troubled one. We love him when he delivers a sought after weapon such as the Ice Breaker or Gjallarhorn, but more often than not he delivers the same garbage weekend after weekend (No Land Beyond).

Today; however, Xur comes to us not with an arsenal but with a strange message, making the following address to us Guardians on the official Destiny instagram account: “My will is not my own, Guardian. The Nine have commanded me to reveal Exotic treasures you may discover in your future. I will speak with you tomorrow.”


Whatever could this mean? Conventional wisdom would suggest that perhaps we will get an early taste of the new weaponry to come with the upcoming expansion, The Taken King. The new content will feature a system for “testing” weaponry for the gunsmith, and this would sure be a fun little way of introducing that mechanic. More likely, the case is that Bungie will simply be showing off some of the new weaponry. Perhaps this little bit of fan service will tie directly into the Twitch stream on Wednesday, where Bungie plans to take us on a tour of the new Dreadnaught environment.

With Xur having done the unthinkable and selling the fabled Gjallarhorn recently, who knows what the wily Servant of Nine could be up to.