WWE Starts YouTube Gaming Channel; UpUpDownDown

World Wrestling Entertainment (or WWE as it is commonly known as) has been known for nearly a half a century as a wrestling organization, but in recent years they have been dipping their feet into the entertainment business, with successful endeavors such their movie production and distribution company, WWE Studios and the short foray into comics with their WWE comic series.

WWE also has a presence on YouTube with 6 million+ subscribers to their channel, but on Monday, WWE decided to take advantage of YouTube’s impending push into gaming with their newest YouTube channel known as UpUpDownDown.

UpUpDownDown, hosted by former WWE Tag Team Champion, Austin Creed (aka the New Day’s Xavier Woods,) will feature various gaming related content, including event coverage, themed shows and let’s plays with special guests, such as WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston and more.

You can check out WWE’s UpUpDownDown YouTube channel here.

Editor’s Note: I’m excited that WWE is reaching out to the gaming universe with a curated channel such as this. Obviously, this channel could be used to shill WWE 2K16 and beyond, but the potential that this has to bring WWE a new audience without relying on their wrestling product, as well as using its wrestling product and talent to get fans that probably aren’t too much into video games excited about gaming. This is a win/win for WWE in the long run, and I’m excited to see where this goes.

Source: Wrestleview via WWE

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