NBA 2K15 Predicts Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors as 2015 NBA Champions

It’s April 18th and the NBA Playoffs begin today. The excitement of the NBA post-season has everyone buzzed, including 2K Sports, who released their full NBA Playoffs sim on their Facebook page yesterday evening.

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Using NBA 2K15 to sim the post-season, this season’s favorites to win it all, Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors and LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers (according to Vegas odds) meet in the NBA Finals, where the Warriors take the NBA Finals Trophy home in 6.

There were plenty of surprises in the above bracket, such as the Brooklyn Nets taking two games off of the #1 seed Atlanta Hawks (I’m a Knicks fan, despite living 30 minutes away from the Barclays Center,) and the Eastern Conference finals ending in 6 games.

According to 2K Sports’ rundown of the simulation, the Cleveland Cavaliers, despite being a defensively lacking team, kept the Atlanta Hawks at bay with strong defense, despite crumbling in the Finals to Steph Curry’s 40-point barrage in the final two games of the series, a Warriors loss and a close out victory, to see the Warriors win their fourth chip, and Steve Kerr win his 6th, and first as a head coach. 

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