Hisako gets her official Killer Instinct trailer… is that Cinder?

Formerly known as Ghost Girl and the officially revealed as Hisako, this ghostly yet deadly character is the latest addition to the Killer Instinct roster and finally gets her official debut trailer.

A Japanese Onryō who lived during the Sengoku period of Japan. Over 450 years ago, a band of renegade soldiers led a raid on Hisako’s village and her father, a former samurai, is cut down attempting to stop them. In her rage, she takes up his naginata and takes his place, killing many of the enemy troops in the process. Though she too is killed, her sacrifice motivates the other villagers to successfully drive back the invaders. A shrine is erected in her honor, where she is laid to rest. However, in the present, her grave is disturbed by the presence of an organization, awakening her spirit, and she ventures forth to seek vengeance on those who disturbed her rest.

From what we got a taste of during PAX East 2015, she is a beast and will likely become a fan favorite among the Killer Instinct community. Hisako will be available as soon as tomorrow for Ultra Edition owners, while Combo breaker Edition owners will have to wait until April 2nd to get their hands on her.

Check out the official trailer below:

Holy Shit, is that… Cinder? Yes Folks, it seems we’re getting closer to eventually reveal of Cinder being a playable character. It’s about time, I needs my Cinder!

Source: Killer Instinct Wiki, Youtube

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