WoW Insider is coming back as BlizzardWatch!

Sadly when JoyStiq announced they were going offline permanently, that also meant that their sister sites WoW Insider and Massively were going with them. Being a huge World of Wacraft I was a bit saddened when I heard the news, not that there aren’t other WoW related sites out there but due t the fact that WoW Insider was my first love and was like a dear friend. So imagine my surprise when I found out that the team behind WoW Insider hasn’t taken this laying down and in fact have gone and launched a new website to continue on.

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the rebirth of WoW Insider, BlizzardWatch. Now while the site is still pretty barebones, it’s good to see the crew is bad and ready to pick up the dropped mantle. However folks, they need our help to get back into raiding form. They are now on Patreon which you can find at  

For those not familiar, WoW Insider was a World of Warcraft news site that bore the tagline: “WoW News, Guides, and Analysis.” We strove not only to provide the news, but provide its context and continue to explore its impact. We were fans willing to show our passion in both praise and criticism. We provided guides to content not aimed only at the hardcore, but players on every point of that spectrum in the vein of Blizzard’s motto: easy to learn, difficult to master.

We want to keep doing it. We want a site to call our own. We want a fresh start. We need your help. That’s why we’ve started a Patreon, where you can directly support this site and its staff.

I don’t know about you but I’d love to see them get back to how they were, and if you’re anything like me you’ll want to help them in action.  So hit up that Patreon link, check out what BlizzardWatch is about and get happy that WoW Insider is coming back.

I know I’m happy!

And no, that’s not their actually logo, it’s going to be much much glorious. Right Alex?

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