(Update) Bestbuy is canceling new 3DS XL Majora’s Mask pre-orders

Were your one of the select few that was able to pre-order the new 3DS XL Majora’s Mask off of Bestbuy’s website? Well if you were then I suggest you go back and check on your order as it just might be cancelled. That’s right. A few minutes ago I had the displeasure of noticing that I received an email from Bestbuy that simply said my order cancelled and that was it. No reason, no apology, just cancelled. And believe me I’m a little frustrated to say the least. Needless to say I attempted to contact Bestbuy’s customer support (If you can call it that) and after getting hung up on 3 times, I finally got through to someone. Apparently this was part of a mass cancellation, which basically means that Bestbuy sold to many and are basically screwing you and I due to their mistake.

Really Bestbuy? A mass cancellation, a week later? Not a day or even a few days later?

And to make it matters worse, they technically didn’t send me a cancellation email. Instead I got an email stating that the credit I used was no longer valid and when I clicked on it I happened to notice that the order for the new 3DS XL was canceled, since I used my credit on that. This was the only notification I got that my order was cancelled. Believe me, I checked my entire email account.


So make sure you check on your orders. Sadly that means if you want a new 3DS XL Majora’s Mask edition then you’re going have to go crawling to Ebay and purchase one off the scalpers and their ridiculous asking prices. Along with most if not all of the popular Amiibo’s, the Gamecube adapters and even the new 3DS XL Monster Hunter 4 editions as well.

Thanks again Nintendo for shitting on your fan-base and thanks to you as well Bestbuy. I would have imagined that you would have known how many you were getting in the first place.

What makes me pissed more than anything was that it was for my daughter, an actual gamer and not part of some get rich quick off Nintendo scheme. Oh well…… Now I’m going to start paying attention to my other pre-orders at Bestbuy, who knows what else might happen.

Update: Apparently Bestbuy is now sending out a $50.00 discount good towards the purchase of either the Black or Red new 3DS XL. Still hurts a bit but $50 bucks off works for me.



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