The Video Game Industry Needs More Plumbers.

No, this ain’t another article that worships Nintendo’s one-dimensional hero. This is about his occupation as a plumber. Part of a plumber’s job is to fix leaky faucets, correct? Well, that’s what the video game industry needs: PROTECTION FROM LEAKS.

Case in point, the Super Smash Bros. “for” roster was leaked recently, revealing several characters before their time, including veterans like Falco, Wario and Ganondorf alongside newcomers like the Duck Hunt Dog, Bowser Jr. and Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles.

Well, as my new colleague, William, posted earlier…Shulk was confirmed.

You have no idea how much disappoints me. What the heck happened to waiting patiently for information on something? Does no one want to be surprised anymore?? For me, this leak being confirmed as true just wrecked any sort of surprise the rest of the reveals might have had. It’s like people don’t even care anymore; there’s no sense of being shocked or even hyped when a leak winds up being true. Shulk was a must-have character for a LOT of people, so I guarantee you that the hype generated from his reveal today would’ve been tripled if that leak hadn’t happened.

Now, we’ll never know. Sure people are excited now, but the remaining reveals won’t be anywhere near as surprising thanks to the leak. The general reaction in the following weeks/months is going to be, “Ok, him/her, too? Cool, guess the leak was legit, after all.” Does that sound like the kind of reaction a reveal is supposed to have, especially for a game as big as this one?


I don’t think so, damn it.

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