Playstation 4 is costing Sony $381 per console

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Sony had previously gone on record stating that they would not be losing money on the PlayStation 4, as it was something that they forced to do during the the PlayStation 3 era.  While this would seem true it’s costing Sony $381 dollars to produce the PlayStation 4 and yet they’re still selling the system for $399.99. It’s not a lose but in the gran scheme of things it’s not quite of a gain as they’re making $18.99 profit on each system sold.  That said you knew Sony was coming into this console war with some fire as they trailed Microsoft for the greater part of the PS3 / Xbox 360 saga, so you figure Sony has somewhat of a chip on their shoulder and surely wants to bury Microsoft this time around.

One has to assume (Duh) that Sony’s deal is to bank on software and services, which a big portion will come from the updated PlayStation Network which now places online gameplay behind a pay wall. I wouldn’t worry about Sony however, they seem to have quite the gameplay and I fully expect them to bring their A+ game come 2014-2015.

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