Epic 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack

Well look who’s 20 years old, an old gaming buddy; Epic Games. You know that company that put out hits such as Jazz Jackrabbit,  Gears of War and my favorite, the Unreal Tournament series. To celebrate them turning the big 20 they’ve put out a 20 track original soundtrack that contains music from several of their titles throughout the years.

Just click on the track name below to download the track, sadly there is no torrent or complete download available from the site.

CompletelTrack List:

1. Unreleased ThemeUnreal Tournament 3Rom Di Prisco (2007)
2. DanJill of the JungleDan Froelich (1992)
3. Main ThemeUnrealAlexander Brandon/Michiel Van der Boss (1998)
4. Armored PrayerGears of War 2Steve Jablonsky (2008)
5. Vault of TearsInfinity Blade IIJosh Aker (2011)
6. SpaceEpic PinballRobert Allen (1993)
7. Main MenuUnreal TournamentAlexander Brandon (1999)
8. Menu SongJazz JackrabbitRobert Allen (1994)
9. They’ll Be Coming For You NowInfinity BladeJosh Aker (2010)
10. Hope Runs DeepGears of War 2Steve Jablonsky (2008)
11. Main ThemeTyrianAlexander Brandon (1995)
12. Hyperblast ReduxUnreal Tournament 2004Kevin Riepl (2004)
13. Hanover’s Favorite SonGears of War 3Steve Jablonsky (2011)
14. Main ThemeShadow ComplexJosh Aker (2009)
15. 14 Years After E-DayGears of WarKevin Riepl (2006)
16. LockdownUnreal Tournament 3Jesper Kyd (2007)
17. ThemeBulletstormKrzysztof Wierzynkiewicz/Michal Cielecki (2011)
18. Pull Back the BassJazz Jackrabbit 2Alexander Brandon (1998)
19. TransistorUnreal Championship 2Kevin Riepl (2005)
20. Finally A TomorrowGears of War 3

Steve Jablosnky (2011)

21. Cole Train Rap [EXPLICIT]Gears of War

Mike Larson & Rom Di Prisco

Definitely worth the listen to. Now if only Epic would ever revisit the Unreal Tournament series for the PC……..

Oh and just to piss out a huge Gears of War friend of mine, Malcolm > Marcus Fenix. That is all!

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