RadioVGM - The Outerhaven

Welcome to RadioVGM!

Welcome to The Outerhaven Video Game Music stream. Some of you may remember that this was once part of a smaller project, RadioVGM, which has since ceased. This radio station streams video game music from all genres, eras and it’s 24/7 for your listening pleasure.

This is a HTML5 based stream so even those on mobile devices (iOS and Android) can get in on the fun. Please observe the FAQ below and enjoy!

*Radio restarts daily at 12:01 AM EST*


Question #1: I’m having an issue listening to the stream using Internet Explorer. Is there anything I can do?
Answer: Get rid of Internet Explorer? Just kidding. All joking aside there is an issue with how the streaming server (Shoutcast) presents it’s metadata and it’s in a format that Internet Explorer doesn’t like. That said it only affects certain versions of the browser running on Windows 7 and if you’re running on Windows 8 then it will play fine. Otherwise I can only recommend that you use either Chrome, Firefox, Opera or use one of the streaming links to open it locally. To do that, click on the link and either open it directly or save it and open the PLSM3U with your favorite music player or RAM with Real Audio Player.

Question #2: I noticed that after while my browser crashes from having the stream up for too long. What can I do about this?
Answer: This just to be an issue with the stream was Flash based but since we have moved away from Flash you shouldn’t have that issue anymroe. However if you do please keep in mind that you can still use the PLS, MSU and RAM streams to open it locally. That said I’ve tested this for days on end it worked without a hitch.

Question #3: Why don’t you have the ability to select songs from a request list?
Answer: We originally had a request system in place but it was something I made using bits of code from several applications and while the result was a functional request system it was buggy… very buggy. Sometimes it would be fine and then the next week or so it would crash on a constant basis. We may revisit that again depending in the future.

Question #4: Why don’t we use HTML5 instead of Flash since we can’t use Flash on our iOS devices.
Answer: We do now, see above!

Question #5: Can I recommend a song or album?
Answer: You sure can, just email us at [email protected] or leave a comment in the message box below.

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