Nintendo’s May 17th ARMS Direct Recap

Yesterday, Nintendo hosted a ARMS themed Nintendo Direct. Including in this presentation was an expanded look at the upcoming Nintendo Switch fighter, but also the introduction of several new characters and modes.

Let’s check out some of these new characters, shall we?

Twintelle – She fights… with her hair? Also, she’s a movie star!

Kid Cobra, a kid who has entered the ARMS Grand Prix to get more views on his online channel. Sounds…believable. lol

Byte & Barq, a police duo, and the only co-op team in Arms so far. Barq will be independent of Byte in battle, meaning you’ll have to concentrate on both of them. Seems a little OP, but we’ll see how it goes.


If you’re still unsure about Arms, Nintendo is going to have a multiple-part demo session via the ARMS global testpunch, which will begin in North America on Friday, May 26. It opens up to players around the rest of the world on May 27, then continues through Sunday, May 28. American players may appreciate the timing; that’s Memorial Day weekend for us stateside.

Another beta will run the following weekend, beginning in North America on Friday, June 2 and concluding Sunday, June 4. Specific event times are available on the official Arms website.

Aside from new characters, a bunch of modes were also announced for ARMS, there will be standard battle modes, including Grand Prix, where to win the title you’ll need to beat 10 opponents in a row. There’s also a deep Training Mode, a mode where you try and break as many targets as possible, and more. Plus, for multiplayer, aside from standard versus matches, there’s Party Match, where you to 20 people can join in and be put into matches with anyone in the group!

So as you can see, Nintendo has high hopes for this title, so much so that they’re promising free updates which will include new fighters, new stages, and more. And who knows what will be unveiled at E3 before it launches!

ARMS will be released on June 16 for the Nintendo Switch.

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