Ok, so, at the time of this posting, Pokemon GO has spread across most of the world in its initial six months of release. It started out in only US, Japan, and a few other countries, but quickly spread out more. Since then, you’d think it’s gone everywhere based on the player numbers and download stats. But you’d be wrong, as arguably one of the biggest markets hasn’t gotten it yet, and looks to not be getting it at all: China.

Now, to be clear, it’s likely not coming to China because China doesn’t want it. For as sources note, China is worried about the security risks Pokemon GO, and games of a similar nature, would pose to its players both in terms of accounts and hacking of personal information, as well as other aspects too.

It should be noted that this isn’t a permanent ban, rather, it’s a temporary one while the “threats” are being evaluated. So it’s still possible for the game to come to China, and explode there, but not right now.

Do you think China is overreacting? Or, given what happened in the US with people playing Pokemon GO, are they right to be cautious of this game? Let us know what you think int he comments below!

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