5 Upcoming PlayStation 4 Exclusives We’re Excited For

The PlayStation 4 is a powerful gaming console; that much is evident. Sony has always touted their systems as the one-stop shop for video game players to come and enjoy their hobby. With so many exclusive games from world-renowned developers being released each year, there is always something for the players to enjoy – acclaimed indie games to AAA titles.

The release of the PlayStation Pro only heightens the overall experience with new graphics and gameplay. Sony loves to say their new console has been “supercharged”. Personally, we care less about the new console and more about the PlayStation 4 exclusives on their way.

Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming third-person action role-playing title from developer Guerrilla Games – the folks behind the famed Killzone franchise – and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The only thing we don’t like about Horizon thus far is how long we have to wait until the game launches.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, the player will take on the role of Aloy, a hunter, and archer who travels across a world overrun by robots. You’ll have access to ranged and melee weapons, stealth tactics, and looting. The player will have plenty of options on how to tackle their enemies and live to fight another day.

Why We’re Excited: Check out any trailer for the upcoming game and it becomes quite evident why we’re so excited for the title to launch. An open-world set simultaneously in the future and the past is enticing. We see huge robotic dinosaurs made of the remnants humankind left behind. Skyscrapers and the jagged curves of mountains seamlessly flow together in the foreground. Are you getting the picture? The movement looks fluid; controls appear to be easily grasped, and the combat – while clunky in some places – seems standard for this type of title. In terms of PlayStation 4 exclusives, Horizon may take the cake.

God of War


Developer Santa Monica Studio is back at it once more with the eighth installment in the God of War franchise. God of War, a sequel to 2010’s hit God of War III, is a soft reboot of the third-person action franchise. This time around, the world of Norse mythology plays a prominent role in the story of Kratos and his son. Kratos will act as a mentor of sorts for his young child, and must also battle the demons within his persona.

Gameplay is said to be quite different from previous installments in the series. Santa Monica is rebuilding the game from the ground up, offering players a fresh new take on the action genre. Of course, we’re looking at a single-player-only title once again.

Why We’re Excited: There has always been something visceral and savage about playing as Kratos in the God of War world. The Spartan – a man of immense strength – has always stood tall against monsters ten times his size. We still fondly remember as Kratos clambered up the mast of a ship, fighting the multi-headed sea serpent of old. With updated graphics, improved gameplay, and more visceral combat, this venture should prove intense.

Days Gone


Days Gone promises to be a unique take on the flooded post-apocalyptic genre within the gaming world. Developed by SIE Bend Studio, a team who has not had new intellectual property since 1999 – Syphon Filter – on the Unreal Engine 4.

Days Gone tosses players haphazardly into the shoes of Deacon St. John (played by Samuel Witwer), a drifter and bounty hunter who prefers to take his chances on the road instead of surviving with others in encampments. Two years after a global pandemic, players will have their chance to roam the wilderness and slay those transformed into zombie-like creatures from the illness.

Why We’re Excited: From the gameplay we have witnessed so far, the entire game appears to be a unique mixture of The Last of Us and Mad Max – sans the desert wasteland. Your bike is said to be your primary companion, which is an interesting mechanic considering the overall size of the vehicle. It will be fun to toy around with it while escaping from massive hordes. The E3 2016 gameplay pointed towards such crowds numbering well into the thousands on-screen at once. It has a very World War Z feel to it. Let’s hope Brad Pitt makes an appearance.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – [Timed Exclusive]


If you’re anything like us, you probably have fond memories of playing through Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation One. I can still remember trying to find a guide to work my way through the vents in the Shinra Headquarters. Seriously, who would have thought an RPG would be that difficult to navigate.

Developers appear to be remaking and remastering anything that did well in the past, which isn’t necessarily a terrible idea. With Final Fantasy VII, however, it was more of ‘what took them so long’?

Why We’re Excited: One, simple answer: Nostalgia. With updated graphics (shown below), the re-envisioning of past characters, and the return of Cloud Strife as a main character, there is little in the negative column for this remake. Really, though, we just want to remember what it’s like to walk with Aeris one more time.

What Remains of Edith Finch


We’ll be honest, What Remains of Edith Finch was a bit of a mystery up until recently. After witnessing the trailers, reading about the game, and just generally immersing ourselves into this exclusive world, we have to say, the game looks enticing.

The player will be thrust into a collection of short stories. The main focal point being on a single cursed family living in Washington. These stories range from the early 1900s to the present day. The gameplay featured within such stories includes the first-person perspective, with each tale ending in a devastating death.

Why We’re Excited: First-person shooters and role-playing games get tiring after a while. Occasionally, even those of us here love to indulge in a spooky adventure from the minds of Giant Sparrow, the studio behind The Unfinished Swan. The PlayStation is an incredible platform for indie games. What Remains of Edith Finch is just one possibility within the indie realm. I’m a sucker for the macabre, too.

It’s hard to argue against how much the PlayStation 4 has grown since its inception. The first few months were lackluster, at best. The monthly offerings from PlayStation Plus have never actually satisfied the community. The next year, however, should prove rather interesting to all.