Stranger Things Season 2 Teaser Hints At Eleven’s Return


Stranger Things Season 2 is one of the most anticipated second seasons of the year, and Netflix is set on teasing us all mercilessly. And being that the series was so spooky, it was only logical they would release something on Halloween. In their latest series-themed video, they posted a news segment called “Minute by Minute with Brenda Wood” a fiction news broadcast from Hawkins:


The teaser takes the guise of a news report by local newscaster Brenda Wood, poofy 80s hair and all. She gives two major reports in  the two and a half minute trailer. The first is in reporting the continuing search for Barb, describe in the most flattering terms all around to reflect many people’s feelings about the deceased teen. 

The video also mentions everyone’s favorite waffle-loving physic girl Eleven. Wood asks that anyone who sees the waffle-thief to call Hooper. Netflix has confirmed that Millie Bobby Brown will be returning for Season 2, meaning that Eleven is not permanently stuck in the Upside Down as some feared. Three new characters will be coming to the ensemble in significant roles, meaning the story will be expanding further in the next season.

Wood suddenly disappears from her seat after she finishes the column. That and the random static might mean that the Demogorgon might also be back to keep terrorizing the residents of Hawkins, Indiana. Perhaps Will has brought the monster with him after his time in the Upside Down or if Eleven couldn’t contain it, if it isn’t a new monster all together.

No news yet on when in 2017 Netflix will release the second season, but it can’t come soon enough.

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