The Outerhaven Podcast Episode 133 – Switching and Bitching

Ladies and Gentlemen… welcome back to the 133rd edition of The Outerhaven Podcast.  Tonight’s episode featured some talk on the Nintendo Switch.. news so big that it had to be talked about on two different podcasts.  Of course, we’d also invite you to listen to the 4th episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast in order to hear their thoughts on Nintendo’s newest console as well!  The podcast also had a lot of frustration being vented over some of the topics of the week (which you could kind of guess from the title!)


“The Otaku of the Internet” J.J. Piedra
Clinton “Navigator” Bowman
Keith “Shadowhaxor” Mitchell
Karl “Mase” Smart


Video Game Voice Actors Go On Strike
Heroic Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone
AT&T Considering Purchase of Time Warner and HBO
DDoS Attacks on Dyn Networks

What the… Moment of the Week

Florida University offers counseling to people who are offended by Halloween costumes.

The Rapid Pulse

The Orange Box is the latest title to become backwards compatible for Xbox One
Blizzard’s Voice Chat has officially launched
Monopoly will have a Skyrim edition next year
Attack on Titan is Getting an Adventure Game on the 3DS
World of Warcraft now has it’s own cookbook

Main Topic

Our thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, which are not as positive as you may want them to be.


About The Author

Josh Piedra

Josh (or J.J. as some have come to call him) has been an anime fan since he was young Indulging himself in classics such as Sailor Moon and Samurai Pizza Cats, Josh’s love for anime only spiraled out from there. Anime and Manga isn’t his only passion, though. He has also been a gamer for his entire life starting with the Apple VIC Commodre 20 all the way up to Playstation 4 / Xbox One. Josh also has a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design, is one of the co-hosts of the A-01 Podcast which deals with Anime & Manga and is also a self-motivated creative writer and has been creating original content for nearly 20 years!