The Marvels

The Marvels Final Trailer Teases “Moment That Changes Everything”

There are many questions going into The Marvels this Friday, and one of them is how well the film will do given recent “inconsistencies” with the MCU.  We won’t know that answer until this weekend, but we can say that there’s something new for you to check out with the film. The final trailer dropped tonight, and it focused on many elements, including how this will be a kind of continuation from Avengers Endgame and how there are “new realities” trying to take hold in the main one.

Furthermore, the trailer teases “the moment that changes everything,” but what that means is unclear. Could it be the true start of the “Multiverse Saga” after the fumbling of certain other MCU properties? Or will it be the arrival of key characters that will accelerate the next phase? Watch The Marvels trailer below, and see the movie this Friday!