Tears of the Kingdom, Breath of the Wild

Tears of the Kingdom Director Explains The “Disappearance” Of The Shiekah Slate

While The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is easily going to be a Game of the Year candidate, there are many gamers who wonder about certain aspects of the title. The game had many advancements on the “classic formula” for the franchise, and many agreed it benefited from it. However, the removal of the Shiekah Slate and its fellow technology really made fans scratch their heads. It was a prominent element in the last title, so where did it all go?

Ironically, we have finally gotten that answered via Director Hidemaro Fujibayash. He told The Telegraph that they simply…disappeared after the Calamity was dealt with:

“They disappeared after the Calamity was defeated (sealed). All of the people of Hyrule also witnessed this, but there is no one who knows the mechanism or reason why they disappeared, and it is considered a mystery. It is believed that since the Calamity disappeared, they also disappeared as their role had been fulfilled.

It is, anyway, commonplace for mysterious events and strange phenomena to occur in Hyrule. Thus, people have simply assumed the reason behind the disappearance to likely be related to ancient Sheikah technology and it seems there is no one who has tried to explore the matter further. The main civilizations in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom are completely different, so we thought about the game based on concepts that match each of these civilizations.”

Well…that’s one way to get rid of some tech! In spite of its absence, the new game was incredible, as you can read for yourself in our Tears of the Kingdom review!