Spectator Mode Podcast Guest Sign-up Form

Spectator Mode Podcast Guest Sign-up!

Are you a passionate fan of video games? Do you have opinions on either video games or the gaming industry and you’d love to talk about them with others? Well, this is your chance as we’re inviting fans and listeners to join us on our weekly and bi-weekly shows.

We typically record on Friday and/or Saturday during the evening (EDT/EST). However, we do make exceptions for those who wish to be a guest and are in a different time zone. We also do special edition shows during events such as E3, PAX East, Comic-Con, and other gaming/geek culture events. This also includes megaton news drops as well – we gotta talk the gaming when it’s needed.

If you’re interested, just answer a few questions and we’ll add you to our list of guests for our upcoming show!

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